Search For Missing Connecticut Wedding Photographer Scaled Back

Patricia Didelot

Eric Langlois, 33, a top wedding photographer from New Milford, Connecticut has been missing since last Tuesday, June 11 after his wife reported to police that she dropped him off at Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford to retrieve his mountain bike that had fallen into the water when he fell while biking the day before.

Police are now scaling back the search for the man while family tries to stay positive and keeps the hope alive. But the case is disturbing because only hours after his pregnant wife Amber reported him missing a woman who was at the park called 911 stating that she had heard a man crying for help.

Amber Langlois said, "We're not sure if he ever found his bike, or if he was trying to pull his bike up and fell in." She also said that he had a "badly scraped left shoulder" and cracked helmet from his crash the prior day ABC News reports.

She reflected that looking back, the missing photographer's behavior was a bit unusual and her sister noticed that his pupils were dilated and his balance was not what it should be.

Langlois family, friends, neighbors, and fellow photographers had launched an all out search joining police in combing through Lovers Leap Park as well as Lake Lillinonah off the Housatonic River which is not far away.

Unfortunately the search is getting scaled back. In a statement Sunday evening, the state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said it was scaling back the search to conduct only periodic sweeps of the lake and surrounding area and follow up on any new leads.

Amber Langlois said of everyone's efforts, "It was overwhelming the amount of people that showed up, brought flashlights, brought water, whatever they could do to help find Eric."

In a statement on New Haven Register the authorities said, "Everyone at DEEP understands that this is an emotional and sad time for friends, family and colleagues of Eric Langlois. Our hearts go out to them."

Amber Langlois, pregnant with the couple's third child, said that she is trying to keep it together for the sake of her young children and that she is not giving up hope of finding the missing photographer alive.

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