Boston Marathon Bombing Pregnancy Kept Secret Until Father’s Day

There were only a few heart-warming stories to come out of the Boston Marathon bombing, but arguably the best one was saved until Father’s Day.

For months, Caroline Reinsch tried to conceive a child with her boyfriend, Christian Williams, without any success. She was 39-years-old and he was 41.

The two ran together in the Boston Marathon, and both were injured in the bombing. The couple suffered severe leg injuries, and were treated in separate hospitals for 11 days, unable to reunite.

While being treated for an injury to her right leg, not even sure whether Williams was alive or dead, the technician asked Reinsch if she was pregnant. Horrified at the thought, she replied that she probably wasn’t.

Weeks later, her regular doctor called her to ask if they gave her a pregnancy test during her treatment. He told her there was a “slight positive” for pregnancy, and advised her to take a home test.

She did, and it was positive.

She continued to visit Williams while he recovered from the attack, but didn’t tell him of her pregnancy right away after finding out as many as 16 days after the Boston Marathon bombing. When she finally did, their spirits soared despite the attack and doctors even remarked that they had begun healing faster.


Yesterday, both Father’s Day and Williams’ 42nd birthday, they decided to reveal their Boston Marathon pregnancy more widely. They wanted it to be a gift and a surprise to their friends and family, many still deeply affected by the April 15 bombing.

“Any pain or suffering I felt has been replaced with joy,” Williams said after finding out that Reinsch is pregnant. “Discovering that I was going to be a father is how I’ll always remember the Marathon.”

What do you think of the Boston Marathon pregnancy? A bit of good news to come out of such tragedy?

[Image via: Kamonporn Nakornthab / Shutterstock]