‘Man Of Steel’ Breaks $200 Million Worldwide: Box Office Report

Man of Steel is doing even better than Warner Bros. expected and most importantly, is silencing competitors and critics alike. The public has been overwhelmingly supportive of the film earning it over $200 million worldwide since it screened to the public on Thursday.

Walmart had a special screening for its customers on Thursday night which has added to the totals being reported. The Inquisitr reported on Monday that the movie was a hit in foreign markets.

THR is reporting that the earlier figure of $113.1 has been updated to $128.7 million for the North American market over the past three days. In the UK where British actor Henry Cavill (Superman) hails from, the film did very well, reaching the number one spot on its opening weekend bringing in $17.1 million.

The film, which opened in 24 international markets is outpacing producer Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises by 39 percent. The Batman movie earned $470 million internationally. Man of Steel will open in 26 additional international markets this coming weekend.

Henry Cavill, in the meantime is enjoying a surge in popularity which is not likely to slow down any time soon. The handsome Brit portrays a vulnerable superhero who is seen struggling with his identity. Director Zack Snyder has stated that when Henry tried the suit on, he knew he had his man.

Man of Steel, has received mixed reviews, but managed to earn an A- CinemaScore, as a sign of strong word of mouth. In other words, the audience is liking the movie very much indeed.


Some other interesting stats as it relates the release this weekend are that males attended more heavily than females with 56 percent and older moviegoers also gave it a boost, with 62 percent of the audience over the age of 25.

Imax theaters did big business for Warner Bros., taking in $13.3 million or 12 percent of the total gross score the biggest June opening of all time. Overall, 41 percent of the revenues came from 3D screens.

Have you seen Man of Steel yet? What do you think of Henry Cavill’s performance?