Kim Kardashian, Kanye Need To ‘Focus’ On Preemie, Dr. Oz Says

Kim Kardashian’s premature baby was the subject of celebrity Dr. Oz’s concern this week after the little girl appeared to arrive five weeks early on Saturday following a night out.

Dr. Oz says Kim Kardashian’s baby girl — who made the surprise early entrance only if Kim was not fudging her due date to avoid the paparazzi — is going to need special care and attention after making her way into the world a bit ahead of schedule.

While Dr. Oz is indeed a doctor and a well liked one, his advice to Kim Kardashian also smacks of the sort of frequent and unwanted tips most new parents face. After all, if Kim K and Kanye are the baby’s parents, surely they’re already thinking about the new arrival’s health and possible challenges due to potential prematurity?

But Dr. Oz weighed in, saying that he himself is father to one baby who arrived equally early:

“I’ve been following Kim’s story, which I have a personal interest in aside from being a doctor … Our youngest child [Oliver] was born five weeks premature. So I know how hair-raising that is, and the most important thing to recognize is today, we can actually get kids to survive almost always, but if you don’t manage them really well early on, they can grow up to develop all kinds of issues.”

Following on from that, though, Dr. Oz gets into slightly preachy and “thank you, Captain Obvious” territory when he adds:

“We change how a child responds to a world around it in those first few weeks of life, so they ought to really focus in on that little girl … It’s sacred, those first few months, for all babies but especially for the premature. It’s a sacred time. They should focus on the child.”

While Dr. Oz probably means well with the Kim Kardashian preemie comments, it also stands to reason that the child of the wealthy reality fam and mega-rapper Kanye West is likely getting some of the best care on the planet regardless.