Chris Brown Music Video Features Aaliyah Hologram [Op-Ed]

Chris Brown’s latest music video features Aaliyah as a hologram!

Is there a line Chris Brown won’t cross? First it was beating Rihanna right before the awards, and pretty much everything he’s done with her since. Chris Brown just doesn’t seem to be able to behave, even being seen outside a nightclub with her smoking marijuana on the anniversary of the reason it’s illegal for him to do that.

Aaliyah died about a decade ago in a plane crash shortly after filming Romeo Must Die with Jet Li. It was basically a remake of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but it threw in a story about rival gangs. Oddly enough, the film was practically remade shortly after as Cradle 2 The Grave.

The point is, Aaliyah has been dead for at least a decade, and now Chris Brown has crossed another line by featuring her as a holographic background dancer in his music video for “Don’t Think They Know.”

Can Chris Brown not at least respect the dead? What’s next? Will he feature Michael Jackson and Tupac as holograms too?

In the song, Chris Brown sings about how “they don’t know about us,” and the driver has a giant red lipstick stain on his neck like a hickey. This raises even more real world questions. Is he claiming he cheated on Rihanna with Aaliyah, or the other way around? If so, why would he use her in a hologram dancing to the song? It’s just bad taste, but I don’t think he cares what bad taste is.


After all, he followed up with the music video after a couple of blurbs about gun violence. One says, “Every two hours in America today, a child dies of a gunshot wound.” The next says, “Unity is what we’re afraid of so fear is insanity. Let’s love each other,” and at least he has the presence of mind to not claim he said these things.

However, Chris Brown did still have the audacity to use Aaliyah’s image as a background dancer while he sings about what seems to be cheating.

What do you think about Chris Brown using an Aaliyah hologram in his music video? Do you think he’s going too far?

[image via Shutterstock]