‘The Last Of Us’: Justin Bieber Caused The Apocalypse? [Video]

Was Justin Bieber responsible for the apocalypse in The Last of Us?

We had thought that a fungus growing out of control was the cause of the apocalypse in The Last of Us, but according to a recently discovered Easter Egg in the game, it may have been Justin Bieber’s fault.

Wait, what?

A video showing a newspaper in The Last of Us clearly states in the headlines, “Uncharted 13: A Lush Movie, Justin Bieber as Drake.” While you may be thinking this has nothing to do with it, Drake is the main character in Uncharted, Naughty Dog’s other major game franchise, and may be tied in with the story of The Last of Us, so much in fact that in the game, his adventures may have inspired movies.

As we know by now, movies that do well, or have directors with a serious level of persistence, usually get a lot of sequels. The Fast and The Furious is already almost halfway there, and James Bond has seen his share of films by now. Unlike the latter, most films that have so many sequels are usually terrible by that point, and Uncharted 13 may have been so bad it caused the collapse of society.


Of course, when a movie is bad, it’s usually because the director didn’t know what he was doing or the lead actor (in this case Justin Bieber) was such a terrible choice that it destroyed the whole film.

Apparently in The Last of Us, the film Uncharted 13 was an unmitigated disaster, and Justin Bieber playing the role of Drake was the last straw. Now we’ve heard of movies so bad that the director won’t acknowledge their existence (George Lucas’ Star Wars Christmas Special, anyone?), but it would have to be beyond atrocious to cause the collapse of society and turn us all into zombies and cannibals.

And we thought Spice World, Crossroads, and Batman and Robin were bad.

What do you think of the Easter Egg in The Last of Us about Justin Bieber playing Drake in Uncharted 13?