What is the George Steinbrenner’s legacy?

George Steinbrenner is gone, and I have to wonder what will be his lasting legacy? Without a doubt he might be one of the most famous baseball owners of this generation, really of any generation, and without doubt he was a very controversial figure. Some will still say that he had a hand in the ruining of baseball, but this guy built a business dynasty. Sure he won seven World Series in his time with the Yankees, but the empire he has built around that team is unmatched.

In my mind George was the first of the maverick owners, the first owner I remember knowing who he was, and what he was about. Sure I got exposed to him a lot more since my home town Detroit Tigers would play his team several times a year, but in the late 1970’s and 1980’s without a doubt he was one of the largest sports personalities out there.

We kind of have to admire I guy who just wants to win, will do anything, pay any cost just to win. He is the kind of owner many baseball cities dream off. A win at all costs mentality would make all four of the major American sports a whole lot better. The problem lies in too many owners are lazy, and settled in, to ride George’s coat tails.

The game of baseball is going to miss the boss, he gave us a business dynasty, continued the Yankee legend, and did I fail to mention a few years of hilarious Seinfeld episodes. Here’s to you George……….. Rest in Peace.