LAX Security Officer Tells Scantily Clad 15-Year-Old Girl To ‘Cover’ Herself, Dad Blogs About Her Ordeal

A 15-year-old girl was ordered to “cover herself up” by a TSA officer at Los Angeles Airport in such a foul and abusive manner that her father, Mark Frauenfelder, the editor-in-chief of Make magazine, has blogged about the incident.

Frauenfelder wrote a lengthy post that showcased his shock and horror at hearing about his daughter being shamed by the officer. 

He also then posted a picture of the garments that his daughter had on the time, which included a long pair of black leggings and a tank top that was covered by a long chequered shirt.

Frauenfelder’s daughter was traveling with a group of her fellow high school students on a tour of colleges when the airport employee decided to take umbrage at her attire.

She then immediately text her father to inform him of what had occurred, and he was shaken and appalled by his actions.

He then took to his blog, Boing Boing, to report it to his followers, writing, “She was at the station where the TSA checks IDs. She said the officer was ‘glaring’ at her and mumbling.”

His daughter then remarked to the agent, “Excuse me?” to which he retorted, “You’re only 15, COVER YOURSELF!” in a hostile tone.

Mark revealed that he and his wife have since met up with the TSA and they are now investigating the matter, which they are “taking seriously.”


Understandably, Frauenfelder was apoplectic, and went on to add, “It doesn’t matter what she was wearing, because it’s none of his business to tell girls what they should or should not wear. His creepy thoughts are his own problem, and he shouldn’t use his position of authority as an excuse to humiliate a girl and blame her for his sick attitude.”

The TSA have yet to comment on the matter, whilst Frauenfelder will keep his readers update via his blog.

Do you agree with the TSA agent? Or should he have kept his mouth shut?

[Image via Tifonimage/Shutterstock]