Bristol City Council Poster Sort Of Shows A Child Eating Dog Poo

A poster by Bristol City Council appears to depict a young child eating dog poo and shows the infant with the animal's waste all around her mouth.

The advert was created after local authorities in Bristol, England grew tired at its inhabitants leaving their dog's poop on the streets.

In order to get people's attention, they decided to create a striking and memorable campaign that would have made Mad Men's Don Draper, Peggy Olson, and Pete Campbell tip their hats in appreciation.

They have released a poster across the city that showed a small kid sat in the park with dog poop smeared across its hands and mouth with the text, "children will put anything in their mouths," adjacent to it.

Below the replenished infant there is the image of a steaming pile of dog waste with the warning, "pick it up or face a £1000 [$1,575] fine," before asking people to report those who don't pick up.

Of course, I'm sure that the child in the advertisement was actually eating some kind of chocolate food, but it is still enough to make your stomach churn.

Residents of the English city have now taken to various social networking sites to register their surprise at the evoking advert.

TV magician, Derren Brown, was one of the first people to tell his followers about it, retweeting @JRhodesPianist's picture, which featured the words, "what were you thinking" and also insinuated that he was made to miss his breakfast after seeing the picture. Brown appeared to be charmed by the advert though, telling his followers, "I miss Bristol!"

Bristol City Council though were unapologetic, responding to @JRhodesPianist's post by stating, "Shocking imagery, but perhaps it will help encourage a few more dog owners to do the responsible thing."

What do you think of Bristol City Council's poster? Do find it nauseating?

[Image via scigelova/Shutterstock]