‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ New Trailer Drops

With the new trailer for Mortal Instruments dropping today, it seems like we’re still on the upswing of young adult novel adaptations. Earlier in the year we were absolutely turned away from the Beautiful Creatures adaptation, which set out to make a film on the book of the same name. Of course there was also years of Twilight to contend with as well, and now The Hunger Games are leaping to catch up where Twilight left off.

Now Mortal Instruments are looking to find their place in the young adult sci fi genre, and from the looks of the trailer it might be slightly better than Beautiful Creatures, but not by a long stretch.

Looking like a low budget take on I Am Number Four, Mortal Instruments follows the story of humans versus the “mundanes.” Lily Collins, who seems to be in every other movie this year leads the film as Clary Fray. Fray is a young girl who has the cool power of seeing Shadowhunters, which proves to be a terrifying experience for her until it is explained that, gasp, she is not at all who she thinks she is, and neither is her family.


Clary can see between the two worlds. It sounds interesting, but all we’re treated to is Clary hanging out in weird raves and going toe to toe with otherworldly creatures in lavish balls. For a little Hunger Games taste, she wields a pretty gnarly looking crossbow, but fear not, that’s not her only weapon of choice. To keep the film in its sci fi genre, she shoots off beams from her hand.

Sony Pictures seems to have a lot of faith in the potential of this turning into a franchise, as it’s believed a prequel is already set to be made if they can catch enough box office lightening for their August 21 release date.

Are you excited for Mortal Instruments?