Tim Tebow Will Be Paid More By The Jets Than Patriots For Next Two Years

Tim Tebow just got signed by the New England Patiorts, but for the next two years he’ll be getting paid more by his former team.

The New York Jets are on the hook to spend more in cash and salary cap dollars than the Patriots for Tebow, who spent one uneventful season in New York before being signed by New England. The Jets had taken on a portion of the $6.3 million contract Tebow was owed from Denver, leaving New York required to pay $1.5 million in 2013.

Should Tim Tebow make the New England Patriots roster — and right now his is third on the depth chart behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett — he would make the league minimum base salary of $630,000. .

For the Patriots, Tebow is clearly worth the price. The team’s owner, Robert Kraft, said he’s looking for Tebow to be a good force in the locker room.


“For me personally, having Tim Tebow on this team he’s someone who believes in spirituality, he’s very competitive and works hard and has a great attitude and he’s a winner,” Kraft said. “So having him as part of our franchise is great but he has to compete just like anyone else. We’re blessed to have a lot of people like that, but the fact that spirituality is so important to him is very appealing to me.”

Kraft added: “Every interaction I’ve seen and watched, whether he’s in college or when I met him in the draft process, he handles himself in a first-class way. I don’t know anyone who has ever said anything that is not positive about him, people who are objective.”

The New England Patriots will look for more than just locker room leadership from Tim Tebow. Coach Bill Belichick has a knack for getting a lot out of players considered older or washed up by NFL standards, including a quarterback with a resume much like Tebow’s, Doug Flutie.