The Halo: Reach Limited Edition has a sense of perspective

We’ve all seen the “Legendary Edition” of Halo: Reach and felt our hearts flutter at the $150 price tag, so here’s something a little more affordable: the “Limited Edition” of the Xbox 360 shooter, which can be yours for a mere $80. I can probably spend $80 on a game and not feel completely horrible. Here’s what you’ll get with this edition:

– Custom case modeled after a recovered ONI data module
– In-game Elite armor set for multiplayer
– Artifact bag, which contains the personal notes and documents of the creator of the Spartan program: Dr. Catherine Halsey
– Dr. Halsey’s ONI security badge
– An embroidered Spartan II patch

Plus, they’ll probably only make about, oooh, two million of these things, so keep your copy sealed and it’ll be worth a fortune around four centuries from now. Yay.

[Via Joystiq]