Google Android Phone Being Sent To Space After Successful Fundraising

The Astroid project, created by Danny Pier, 25, has raised the $2,000 necessary to send the first ever Google Android phone into outer space.

The project raised the necessary $2,000 from 66 backers using the Kickstarter application.

Pier plans to attach an HTC Evo to a weather ballon with a camera and transmitter with GPS capabilities, he will then release the phone into the open skies allowing it to reach outer space.

The $2,000 in expenses will be used to purchase the weather balloon, recovery parachutes, helium and other needed supplies. Pier is also writing the application that will take photos and videos as the phone travels on its journey. The application will also track the phones location.

Danny wants to prove how simple it can be to send a phone into space and retrieve it after re-entry.

If nothing else, Pier has already proven how effecitve the Kickstarter alternative fundraising application can be when it comes to raising money for "outside the box" type projects.

Here's a video in which Piers describes the project in his own words: