Twitter messages as Techmeme headlines – ROFLMFAO, seriously.

When I first saw the headline for this story my first reaction was to check my calendar to see if we had skipped the better part of a year or something. This has to be some form of early April Fool’s joke right? I mean what else can one think when you see that Twitter messages are going to be treated as headlines on Techmeme. Not only that but they got a whole article at the New York Times over the idea, or at least how great they are at any rate.

Gee, talk about getting all the right press eh; but come on Twitter messages as tech news headlines; let’s get serious here.

I get that Twitter is the newest darling of the tech blogosphere but to think that messages sent on the service are worthy of being headlines on a tech news aggregation site is nothing short of ludicrous – side splitting, back slapping ludicrous. Just in case you think I am trying to yank your chain on this here’s the quote directly from the NYT post:

Now that Twitter serves as a broadcast platform, Techmeme plans to include cogent 140-character Twitter posts written by influential people as headlines.

Luckily not every one is enamored with the pointless idea as Zee at The Next Web says in his post on the news:

It’s an interesting move and Twitter has indeed become a full fledged broadcast platform, but is it a “publishing platform” and does it even matter? Is there enough in one 140 character tweet to provide a reader with enough information to feel satisfied that he/she knows all there is to know about a story? I’d argue no but many might disagree with me.

I totally agree with you Zee and I’ll go one step further and suggest that this is nothing more than an effort for Techmeme to ride the coattails of Twitter.

You can be sure of one thing though – just as The Inquisitr is blacklisted from Techmeme you can be pretty sure so will any of our Twitter messages.