My World Cup Reactions, Thoughts And Dream Team

With Spain as the deserved winners and Holland proving to be sad losers with their constant whining about the referee. They should be glad Howard Webb didn’t have the guts to give Nigel de Jong the red card after his karate kick in Xabi Alonso’s chest. He should also have given Arjen Robben his second yellow, he continued to play the ball after the offside whistle in extra time.

Holland, when you recieve 9 out of 14 yellow cards and commit 28 out of 47 free kicks, it’s not the referee’s fault. You didn’t play soccer, on the contrary, you ruined what could have been a great and memorable soccer match with unfair and nasty tackles. Spain, on the other hand, weren’t very effective with their goal chances either. David Villa isn’t dangerous enough on front of the box. He didn’t miss the huge chances that Robben missed, but it wasn’t Villa’s match. No one has ever won the World Cup by only scoring 8 goals!

Personally I was relieved when Iniesta finally scored. Holland didn’t deserve to win the World Cup after this performance. I was even more moved when I saw the message on Iniesta’s shirt “Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros” (Dani Jarque always with us). A tribute to his deceased friend and Espanyol-player Daniel Jarque, who died of a heart attack last year.


Germany’s striker Thomas Müller has been awarded with The Golden Boot (most goals and assists 5 goals and 3 assists). He is also the World Cup’s best young player.

Diego Forlan, Uruguay, grabbed The Golden Ball in front of Spain’s David Villa and Holland’s Wesley Sneijder. The Golden Ball is awarded to the best player.

Spain’s Iker Cassilas won the award as the best goal keeper (The Golden Glove).

Spain was also awarded with the fair play prize.

My Dream Team:


Iker Cassilas, Esp


Philip Lahm, Ger

Sergio Ramos, Esp

Carles Puyol, Esp

Gerard Piqué, Esp


Arjen Robben, Hol

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Ger

Xavi, Esp

Andres Iniesta, Esp


Diego Forlan, Ugu

David Villa

Honorable mentions:

Manuel Neuer, Ger

Joan Capdevila, Esp

Wesley Sneijder, Hol

Thomas Müller, Ger

One final comment. Please, no more European finals in the World Cup. Italy versus France four years ago was horrible. I can’t stand watching another anti-soccer match. It’s bad publicity to the Americans.