Kansas City Royals mid season review

So in the American League Central there are three teams that have a legitimate chance to win the division, and then there are the Kansas City Royals and the Cleveland Indians. The Royals have yet to put together a winning month, and had an 8-10 record in interleague play. Overall they have a 39-49 record and find themselves 10.5 games out of first place. They are another team that needs to see smarter spending on the payroll and probably a few more payroll dollars as well.

As a team they are hitting .282 which is the best Batting Average of any of the 14 American League teams. They have scored 380 runs, and have collected 852 hits. That number is also first among AL clubs. Of their 853 hits; 155 were doubles, 18 were triples, and 60 were home runs. That last number ranks 12th among the 14 AL clubs, and speaks to a lack of power in this lineup. Royals batters have struck out 448 times, and drawn 241 walks.

The main issues with this team lay with the pitching staff. Their staff ERA is 4.64, and as a unit they have given up 422 runs. Even the reining Cy Young award winner, Zack Greinke, is having a tough year with a 5-8 record and a 3.71 ERA. Royals hurlers have registered 557 strike outs, and walked 301 batters. Their closer, Joakim Soria, has converted 25 saves and has an overall record of 0-1 with a 2.34 ERA.

So what is wrong with this team? Well I don’t think it is anything simple. They need some more help in the starting five, and a big time bat in the lineup. It seems to me that the mix is off on this team; they can get on base, but have no one to knock them in. There have been some questionable moves made by the front office team, and the on the field management of this club, and that has certainly hurt the performance.

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