Chinese Democracy and GNR’s Online Music Battle

The guy who leaked the new Guns N’ Roses album onto the Internet could now face a year in jail — starting, ironically enough, just days after the album’s long-awaited release. Kevin Cogill has agreed to a plea deal, Wired’s Threat Level reports, after confessing to the apparently heinous crime.

That crime, in case you missed it, was uploading nine tracks from Chinese Democracy — you know, that album that’s been in the works for nearly a decade and a half. Cogill is set to plead guilty next month to one federal count of copyright infringement, Wired was told. The charge, which was originally filed as a felony, would now only be considered a misdemeanor. That means the maximum jail time would be one year, compared to the previous five.

Five years for uploading leaked GNR tracks? I like my Axl as much as the next guy, but damn. Welcome to the jungle, indeed.

For what it’s worth, Chinese Democracy is now slated to be released on November 23. While there have been more cancelled release dates for the disc than there’s been Botox on Axl’s face, a pre-sale is actually underway, and this one appears like it could finally be the real deal. The following commercial has been airing over the past week or so and promises the release as a certainty.

Will this be the one? Will Cogill go to jail? Will Slash and Axl ever reunite? Stay tuned to the neverending GNR soap opera to find answers to these burning questions and so much more!

Man, it’s just good to have Axl back. Even with the cornrows.