GMail adds rich text signatures, without plugins

Not enough pale purple Comic Sans text on a white background in your email inbox?

Google announced today that they’re enabling colors, fonts, hyperlinks and- sigh- images for email signatures. The feature will undoubtedly come in handy for businesses who use email, and for the plug-in savvy folk who have been using various workarounds because they really need to have a logo in their signatures. Of the new feature, Google said:

The next time you log in and visit the Settings page, you’ll see a rich text editor in the signature section. Here, you can customize your signature by adding pretty formatting, links, and images — or decide to leave things nice and simple.

Along with the new signature options, you’ll be able to associate distinctive signatures with each individual address linked to your GMail account so you can get fancy differently for each one. You won’t be able to use the new signature formatting with mobile GMail, older GMail or the HTML version, though.

Fair play to Google for the initiative- but while the feature is probably welcome to many people, is anyone else anticipating a flood of blinking fairies, baby due dates, harder to read text and generally slow to load emails? And when are we going to get the ability to schedule email delivery, GMail Labs?