Canada proves it can be just as dumb as the rest of you with Facebook lawsuit

Everyone pretty well knows that right now Facebook is the favorite big target to pick on for all kind of evils in the world. Hell even I’ve gone after them when I felt it was justified. For the most part though Facebook is just another company trying to do its business just like every other company in the world but because it’s Facebook it has a target on its back.

It is this target, which for the most part is centered around its constantly morphing privacy policy, that is proving to be to big of a target for stupid ass lawyers looking for a quick buck to miss. Don’t get me wrong I firmly believe that if the company needs to be hauled into court over something it has done then so be it but this lawsuit in Canada is just plain money grubbing.

Chad Catacchio at The Next Web has the goods on this in a post he wrote today

Facebook is being sued in a class action case in Canada for privacy and for intentionally using personal information for commercial purposes. The lawyer involved has said that all Facebook users in Canada are part of the suit, which would mean that nearly half of Canada’s population could theoretically be involved.

The suit was filed on July 2 in Winnipeg and says that Facebook was “malicious, deliberate, and oppressive,” in how it handled the personal information of plaintiff Donald J. Woligroski and well, half of Canada, and seeks unspecified damages.

intentionally using personal information for commercial purposes“? Get serious – this is the grounds for the lawsuit?

Look, it is a given that anyone signing up for any social network, never mind just Facebook, is going to have their information and activity used by the network for commercial purposes and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

This is simply a lawsuit seeking to play on the current hot topic surrounding privacy issues on the web and in this case I do hope that Facebook will fight it – and win.