Lebron James to play in South Beach

I guess I have to write something about this, even though I really don’t want to. In a week where things were going so great, a second week of new Futurama episodes on Comedy Central, my Detroit Tigers sit in first place, and my mother has taken my four year old son to visit family in Chicago, I turn n ESPN to find out about the decision, and I get treated to some ridiculous over the top self indulgent piece of crap. I could only stomach the Lebron fest for about four minutes and by the time he said South Beach I was ready to vomit. I am done with ESPN, and I have been done with the so called King Lebron, a king with no rings.

This is a way easy decision play in South Beach, Miami where it is just awesome, on in Cleveland, Ohio where Winter is the best eight months of the year. Trust me, I have much extended family living in Cleveland and they are retarded for the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns, the Cavilers not so much.

This is simple math, South Beach plus Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Lebron equals a super team unlike what we have seen in modern history. Sure the Boston Celtics have their big three and so do the Lakers, but this is very near ridiculous. However they are a few pieces away from being a team that can win a title.

I would say they need a big guy or two, not to score, but to play defense, rebound, and run the floor. I would also say that they need some three point shooters on the bench and in the starting lineup. If they want to add another contract they are going to have and try and deal Michael Beasley, or decide that winning a couple of rings is worth heading into luxury tax land.