Apple Developer Racks Up $1,400 In One Day Using iAds

James Johnson

Apple iPhone app developer Jason Ting has announced that his free iPhone Application has managed to earn him $1,400 in just one day.

According to Ting, the application, which allows users to turn their iPhone flash into an LED flashlight showed impressive stats upon first day use.

For example, his apps CPM (amount page per 1,000 page impressions) earned him $147.55 for every 1000 uses. To put that number in perspective, a $10 CPM would be considered high for many website owners, $20 or $30 would be considered phenomenal.

Apple iAd

Ting told Mashable that the application was downloaded around 9,000 times.

When asked which type of ads were served Ting said:

“It looks like the only iAds that are currently showing are from Dove and Nissan,” adding “I’m guessing they had pretty huge media buys.”

iAds also count CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) alongside click rates, which means even as less clicks occur users will continue to generate a nice revenue stream for App developers who employ the system on their applications, that revenue just won't be as high.

What do you think about iAds? Have you clicked on them or do you just ignore them and continue to use your iPhone apps as if they don't exist.