How to fix the MLB All Star Game

The problem with everything Bud Selig does is he half does things, or totally ignores a problem all together. So the MLB All Star Game, and really All Star Games in general, has some problems. I actually like that the winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series, but that makes this a must win game, and other rules need to be written, and some need to be totally ignored.

The first problem I have with the MLB All Star Game is that one player from every MLB club must be on the roster. I have a real hard time figuring out that the 30-54 Pittsburgh Pirates have an all star on their roster, or deserve to be represented at the all star game. I say the same thing about the 32-52 Arizona Diamondbacks and especially the 25-59 Baltimore Orioles. Get rid of the rule that says all 30 teams must have an all star, and the all star game instantly becomes a whole lot better.

As the rules stand right now there are 34 players on both leagues all star roster, and the mangers must designate a player who will be allowed to return to the game after being replaced. I like this rules but they do not go far enough, I would like to see a 10th player elected by the fans to each league’s team. Since this is a must win game, and one player can re-enter the game the trend is for the mangers to add a utility guy who can play multiple positions. I would like to see the fans elect this person to the team, a all star utility guy from each league who gets to re-enter the game when he is needed again.

I would also continue the use of a DH no matter what league’s park this game was played in to protect the pitchers, and continue to allow the fans to vote the 34th member of each roster onto the team.