New York Jets have a pretty big day

I think we all expect the New York Jets to emerge as one of the favorites for the 2011 Super Bowl championship, and while the NFLPA cries about collusion among the NFL owners; it looks like the New York Jets didn’t get the memo. They are on a tear signing their draft picks, and core players to big time extensions. While their spending raises a lot of questions, at the very least they are looking to wrap up their core players long term.

Today they signed the 61st overall draft pick OG Vladimir Ducasse to his rookie deal, and dealt out a big extension to OT D’Brickashaw Ferguson that will keep him under contract threw the 2018 season. We don’t know the exact numbers for Ferguson yet, but it looks to be in area of six years tacked on to his rookie deal for 60 million dollars, 34 or so of that guaranteed. What this means is the Jets have two key pieces to their starting O line locked up for the foreseeable future.

However it does raise questions about how the Jets will go about signing their other core players. CB Darrell Revis took his contract fight with the team public and implied that he, Center Nick Mangold, and LB David Harris had been promised new deals. Since Ferguson has not been publicly asking for a new deal, the timing of this is a little peculiar.

The team may be trying to send Revis and the others a message, keep your mouth shut and the money will come. However signing a guy that still had two years left on his rookie deal is kind of interesting. However it does not seem like we have all of the facts of this team’s particular strategy at the moment, but if I were QB Mark Sanchez, I would be a very happy guy right now.

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