Bjork Dazzles With Rare US Performance At Bonnaroo 2013 [Photo]

Icelandic singer Bjork dazzled the audience at Bonnaroo 2013 on Saturday with a rare US performance.

The former Sugarcubes singer gave fans exactly what they were hoping to see during her appearance at the music festival. True to form, Bjork delivered an array of songs while wearing a very unusual and memorable outfit.

According to Glide Magazine, the singer’s outfit strongly resembled a more couture version of Pinhead’s look from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser films. Bjork sported a spiky headdress which was accented by a weirdly lumpy dress.

In addition to catching the singer in yet another unusual outfit, those who ventured out to Bonnaroo 2013 were treated to a handful of the iconic singer’s trademark tunes. The website explained she jumped back and forth between “booming dance tracks to her calling card style of ethereal near-pop.”

The folks at Fuse explained that Bjork’s performance in Tennessee on Saturday sported a strong sci-fi vibe. Not only did her dress strongly resemble something from a 1950s science fiction movie, the images displayed on the LED screen were also suitably trippy and hallucinogenic.

Instead of giving fans who were positioned away from the stage a good look at Bjork’s performance, the enormous screens broadcast a series of strange imagery. Fans were treated to footage of explosions, shifting tectonic plates, and starfish holding hands during her appearance.

Thankfully, the singer’s voice seems to have recovered from the surgery she had in November of 2012. Bjork underwent the procedure in order to remove nodules from her vocal chords.

“It´s been very satisfying to sing all them clear notes again. I’m sorry I had to cancel stuff earlier in the year, didn’t want to talk about this until i knew for sure if it would work,” the singer wrote last year.

If you missed Bjork’s performance at Bonnaroo 2013, then you can gawk at some of images of her performance below. It won’t take the place of the real thing, of course, but blasting her album Debut certainly helps a bit.


I want a hat like that too @bjork

— Johnny Crowley (@DjFinalTrip) June 17, 2013

Did you catch Bjork during her appearance at Bonnaroo 2013? What did you think about the Icelandic singer’s rare US performance?

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