People powered price comparison site launches

Melbourne, Australia based Stateless Systems, the company behind BugMeNot, RetailMeNot and CushyCMS is today launching, a people-powered price comparison engine. helps consumers find the lowest possible price for an item online by searching millions of prices sourced from across the internet and comparing them against deals submitted directly by consumers and linking them to more than 100,000 coupons from works as follows:

– A shopper enters the item name, a link to the item at the online store and the price to beat.
– delivers the best results found by other shoppers and generated by other price comparison engines.
– The shopper can narrow results by removing stores and adjusting the price slider to see only the results below their target price.
– If there is no lower price, the price entered becomes the price to beat.

Keeping with Stateless System’s ethos of putting the customer first, the new site doesn’t preference commission deals, says CEO Guy King: “Most price comparison services have stagnated. They pull data from the same sources and often favor commission structures over delivering good results. We anticipate is really going to shake things up. Already we’ve developed a product search platform that is as good, if not better, than that of the established players, and it is designed to improve the results for subsequent visitors every time a search is performed. On top of that, we have integrated 100,000 coupons from into the results to make sure no opportunity for savings is missed.”

Although I haven’t had a chance to check the site out prior to launch, if it’s remotely as good as Stateless System’s previous sites, it’s bound to be a hit. Recommended for a look.