MTV Could Be Reviving Beavis And Butt-Head…Thanks Mike Judge! [Rumor]

I have to admit I wasn’t always the biggest Beavis and Butt-Head fan, but it would be hard to argue that the 90’s icons didn’t have a huge effect on the conversations around school the next day, now we’ve come to learn that show creator Mike Judge could be writing up to 30 new episodes of the show, once again to air on MTV.

The team at REVIEWniverse spoke with an alleged insider who said:

“Even better news for fans is that, should this come to pass, Judge plans on retaining the show’s original ghetto-tech aesthetic, right down to the faded color palatte. The source also reveals that the Extract director intends on keeping B and B’s format identical to its original sketch-videos-sketch incarnation, but with more contemporary music clips for the cartoon slacker-duo to skewer…”

We haven’t seen Beavis and Butth-Head since their hit movie debut in 1996 when Beavis & Butthead Do America arrived on the big screen. Only time will tell if they should have been happy with “Doing America” and then retiring.

I’m curious to see how well the slacker duo are able to adapt to the 21st century.