Lindsay Lohan strikes out with “F*ck U” manicure

While Lindsay Lohan was all tearful remorse in the courtroom yesterday, her manicure suggested a slightly more cynical view towards her impending jail sentence.

Lohan tearfully plead with Judge Martha Revel, begging for another chance for a case in which she has already avoided jail on several occasions but failed to comply with court orders. Lohan said:

“It’s just been such a long haul and I don’t want you to think I don’t respect you and your terms.”

“…I was working on a trip in Morocco with children. It wasn’t a vacation, it wasn’t a joke and I respect you and take everything seriously.”

Orly, Lilo? The troubled actress was sporting a manicured message that seemed to contraindicate her contrition. In the picture above, one of Lohan’s fingernails clearly sports the message “F*ck U.” (Also visible was a tattoo on Lohan’s index finger reading “Shh..”) And while Judge Revel may not have noticed the antagonizing gesture, legal experts say the offensive fingernail in the now widely-distributed pic could come back to haunt Lohan if she goes before Judge Revel again.