Nokia Goes After Notorious Phone “Leaker” With Legal Action

Phone scoop specialist Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review found himself in the legal sights of Nokia on Wednesday when the company demanded that the phone reviewer return all of their companies unreleased phones. Allegedly the legal action came after Murtazin refused to respond to the companies requests.

According to the report, Nokia has asked Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to “assist” in their phones return:

“This is not about attacking bloggers or people who give critical reviews of our products,” Nokia said in a public statement. “Whether Mr. Murtazin’s actions were as a blogger, or whether he is acting in the capacity of a consultant in order to provide information to his clients [competing with Nokia] is an open question.”

Nokia has not stated at this time if they plan to press formal charges of theft against Murtazin, however they did state that they don’t want to see Mobile Review shut down.

For his part Murtazin says he’s been trying to contact Nokia for months with no results adding that he has “nothing to hide” and that he couldn’t have divulged information that he shouldn’t have as he never signed a non-disclosure agreement. Interestingly he makes no mention of Nokia’s “theft” complaints.

Nokia is notorious for leaks, they can plug one hole all they want but the fact of the matter is, more leaks will occur, in many cases months before they release their phones. Perhaps it’s time they copy their intellectual protection practices from Apple.