This is why I hate the NBA

Please allow me a moment to editorialize, and opine. I cannot stand the NBA; basketball was once my favorite sport. It is the sport I played the most growing up both with my friend and organized, but I just cannot stomach the state of the NBA circa 2010. This is such a me first league, with a laughable salary cap that allows retarded team owners to pay guys like Darko Millicic 20 million dollars over four years, and every other gut gets a 100 million dollar contract. All this money being spent in a league the claims poverty, and whose owners are ready to lock out the players yet again.

I can’t take it. This league allows one player, Lebron James, to hijack its entire off season. Every team is afraid to make a move as they continue to live under the delusion that they have a shot at the supposed greatest current NBA player. I find it pretty hard to swallow that King Lebron gets labeled the best player when he has no championship rings, and is incapable of leading a team to a title.

I liked guys like Isaiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, and maybe even Kobe Bryant who had the attitude that the season was a failure unless it ended with a championship parade. I remember as a kid watching Isaiah refuse to try on someone else’s ring until he had won one of his own. That guy was driven, almost to the point of madness. He would fight his own teammates if he perceived a weakness in one of them. Dude was a shark, and he brought home two NBA championships because of it.

In reading some NBA history it seems the NBA of today very much resembles the NBA of the 1970’s. A league that needed Larry Bird and Jordan to come in and save it from ruin. I don’t think things are that bad yet, but this is a league with a very bad image problem, and a bunch of really dumb franchise owners. Darko got 20 million bucks, really?