Microsoft Destination Arcade To Launch July 14, Bringing User Friendly Menus

One of the biggest hassles Microsoft LIVE users have is browsing through pathetic looking lists that are tedious and quite frankly annoying, thankfully that’s about to change with the newest Microsoft Xbox 360 software update.

Under the new design menus are more aesthetically pleasing and appear to be more “Kinetic” browsing friendly.

Under the soon to be released features users will be able to find Arcade downloads via the visual browser instead of lists, while browsing box covers and descriptions for each game. Users will also be able to browse through their friends recommended titles, find pricing and see general community ratings of games.

Finally, a new integrated news feeds will let users find out what’s about to come out for Destination Arcade.

July 14th is just around the corner and this is definitely an exciting development.

Microsoft Destination Arcade

[via SlashGear]