DO WANT: Japan gets PS3 Slim in white

Goddamn, just look at that thing. That up there is the new “Classic White” PlayStation 3 Slim, as announced by Sony Japan today, and it needs to be below my TV roughly about now.

This sleek, slightly Apple-esque beast goes on sale in Japan on July 29th, and comes with a bulky 160GB hard drive. It’ll come with matching Classic White controllers and will go on sale for ¥29,980 ($340).

Two other, slightly-less-sexy PS3 bundles will go on sale at the same time: a black PS3 Slim with 160GB Torne digital recorder, and a console with a 320GB hard drive (though no Torne recorder).

Lovely, but will any of this stuff come west? History suggests it will, and a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer the company would “consider every possibility based on the market demands, but have nothing to announce at this point in time.”

[Sony Japan, via Joystiq]