Grandkids via Twitter DNA – Oh Please God stop this stupidity

Even though it is a holiday in the US and no news tech to speak of I had wanted to write more today, but for most of the day I have been trying to recover from a massive headache caused by smacking my head against the desk – repeatedly. I realize that it’s not a good idea to bang one’s head on the desk until bruising begins to show and the contents of the aspirin bottle quickly diminish but unfortunately, for me, my pain induced day began when I clicked on a link that I knew… just knew… I shouldn’t have clicked on.

My only defense, as you will see, is that the title was perfect link-bait. Here, see what I mean: Twitter Gave Me Grandchildren

You have to admit it is a title that would do the Daily Globe proud, but the real mind-numbing silliness doesn’t start until you actually start reading the post. I mean what is one suppose to do after you get only as far as the second paragraph:

Angebird, @AngeBird, is my Twitter grand child. No, she’s not got my paternal DNA; she’s got my Twitter DNA. She deserves all the credit for this idea.

Twitter grand child?

Twitter DNA?

Will this madness not stop PLEASE!

But nooooo… then we get the explanation od what Twitter DNA is (get your crash helmet on – this could be painful)

What digital DNA are you passing on?

Focused and one on one sharing is the best way to pass knowledge. Teaching something of value is just important. I made sure to concentrate on tools, listening, and not being spammy.

Karen passed on a little about tools but was able to bring her unique business sense to the picture. Her digital behaviors are more adapted to selling and moving folks from ignorance to cheerleader.

Ange is an activist. She quickly adapted the tools to her type of sharing. She’s also a constant spreader of the online bug, bringing new people onto Twitter and Facebook all the time.

Interesting to me though is how each of the attributes their success online to those that brought them into it. Ange to Karen, Karen to me, me to that first guy inviting me to join a BBS so many years ago.

WTF?!? Aren’t we all adults here? Do we really need this kind of smooshy bullshit? Seriously.

No there is no such thing as Twitter DNA and to try and suggest that there is has to be one of the biggest stretches of bullshit in order to justify using a popular form of communication I have ever seen.

Please stop this.


Grow up for crying out loud and if you have to post this kind of claptrap to keep up with some sort of posting schedule find something worth writing about – like – perhaps what you had for dinner.