Tuskers continue to improve their offense

The question is what does the number one offense from year one of the United Football League do? The answer for the Florida Tuskers is to go out and rebuild that offense to do even better. Head Coach Jay Gruden, and the Tuskers staff have added a ton of talent to the offensive side of the ball, and the latest acquisition of WR Calvin Russell is yet another weapon for this team to deploy in 2010.

This is the great thing about this league. We hear about players trying out for NFL clubs all of the time. My inbox is constantly filled with press releases of guys trying out for this team or that one, and nothing ever comes of it. This is probably the third time in 2010 that the Tuskers have added a player after he impressed them in a pre season work out.

Russell played one year in the Arena League were he played for the Columbus Destroyers. In his own season there he put up some very good numbers. He caught 74 passes for 1,020 yards and 11 D’s. He also rushed for two TD’s. Russell attended the Tuskegee University where he was a football and track star. He is another high speed offensive weapon that Gruden will use to score all of the points he can.

Since Gruden got most of his coaching chops in the Arena League, I think his offensive philosophy will be to bury teams with scoring. He has the reining UFL MVP QB Brooks Bollinger returning to his squad and he has surrounded him with a ton of high sped receivers. The Tuskers running game is also top notch, and it looks like they are gearing up to flat out run the other four UFL teams over in 2010.

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