6 great gifts for the Android lover in your life

As someone with no skin in the smartphone wars going on it is fun to sit back and watch the constant oneupmanship but now if you know someone who loves to flaunt their love of Android you can send them one of these goodies. Now Mashable put together the original list of 15 but I thought some of them were a little on the mundane side so I figured I’d pare the list down a little bit to the really cool gifts.

Now I asked our dog Ruby what she thought of this gift and while I can’t print her reply, and while I wait for her to stop rolling around on the floor, maybe this will go over better with your favorite pooch.

The Android Dog T-Shirt – $18.99

Sometimes simplicity is the best and you gotta admit that this cap is pretty simple, but gets the point across. Heck even I’d wear one cause it just looks cool.

The Android Cap – $5.50

Sorry but Father’s Day would never be the same after getting this baby. Every tie thereafter would pale in comparison.

The Android Necktie – $29.95

As a coffee lover even I couldn’t turn this gem of a coffee cup down even if I am not an android fanboi, but then I like cool coffee mugs of all kinds.

The I Love Android Mug – $13.95

Tote bags and messenger bags are all the rage these day so I am sure that someone out there will find this rather cool offering right up their alley.

The Android Messenger Bag – $21.99

But the very best of the bunch has to be this tee shirt. I mean, c’mon, how does Android fandom get any better than this.

The Exploded Andy T-Shirt – $19.00