[VIDEO] Introducing 3D Tetris … as played on water

Will the Nintendo 3DS ever get a 3D version of Tetris? It’s likely, I’d say, so if you fancy getting some practice in early, here’s your answer: a fully operational version of 3D Tetris, played out on water.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers Peter Barnum Srinivasa Narasimhan and Takeo Kanade developed a method of projecting 3D images onto water, and it’s so devilishly clever I think I’ll hand over to the brains at Newe Scientist for this next part:

Each screen is formed by water droplets falling from 50 stainless-steel needles. The needles release their droplets in unison, with 60 such lines created every second. A camera tracks their position and feeds the information to a projector, which illuminates them with pulses of light. The human eye integrates the information from several pulses to create the illusion of images moving on a floating screen.

The team used four parallel sets of needles, computer-controlled to release their lines of droplets at slightly different times so the droplets in one vertical layer do not obscure those in the other layers.

Nice! And also, flickery! Watch the video below and see for yourself. I’d say it might give you a headache, but Nintendo may already have that base covered.

[New Scientist, via technabob]