[VIDEO] Portal 2 gets a bunch of new trailers

If you didn’t already know, Portal 2 is coming, and I am officially freaking out. Although it’s not due out until 2011, Valve has been uploading Portal 2 trailers like they’re going out of fashion: five so far, with two more to come tomorrow.

These are largely designed to show off some of Portal 2‘s new environmental props, stuff that will help you overcome the dreaded turrets and other obstacles in your path. These are all quite ingenius and brilliant in their own way, though I loved the Pneumatic Diversity Vent (in the last video) the most, if only for the hilarious squeaky shrieks of the turrets as they’re sucked away.

Before you get to that, however, the first trailer gives you a look at GLaDOS, your creepy nemesis from the first game, and a helpful little AI core (with a British accent) who I assume is there to provide comic relief.