Miami Heat to try and build super team

We really got to admire the position the Miami Heat have put themselves in. It looks like they have enough salary cap room to add two big time players and keep superstar Dwayne Wade. They have also used Wade to go out and recruit during this off season, since team officials cannot do a thing until after July the first. On top of all that they have an ace in the hole that no one else seems to have, Pat Riley can say hey Lebron James and Chris Bosh if you come here I will step in and coach the team.

Now in today’s me first NBA, I don’t think a team constructed around Wade, James and Bosh is not going to work very well. I understand that these players all want to win, but I wonder what the but is. There is always a but, for example James may want to win, but it seems his but would be to have the team be his team.

If Wade and James were on the same team whose team would it be? James is not a leader, but has a very large ego. Wade is a great player but needs another piece to help him win another ring. If there was a shot to take in the last minutes of a game who gets that shot? I think a team like this would need a chiseled veteran to be the glue between the two super egos of Wade and James. I doubt very much that that person is Bosh.

While the Heat have put together their best effort to build a super team, they will still need to move Marcus Beasley to really make a run at two max contract players. Once they do that expect this free agency period to get very interesting.