Katt Williams: busted for guns again.

New York police found rumors of Katt Williams death to be greatly exaggerated when they decided to investigate a car that had no license plate recently.

On searching the car they found two semiautomatics, a loaded clip, and a 9mm pistol. Williams walked outside and admited the cars with no license plates were his, and police promptly hauled him to jail and charged him with 6 weapons offenses.

Williams has form for this arrested for weapons offenses in 2006. Williams’ lawyer says that there is no way police can prove the guns are his.

MTV reported that Williams told the audience at his Carnegie Hall gig: I’m not moving at my usual pace. I just got out of jail 35 minutes ago.” But he didn’t miss a beat, assuring them that he hurried to the show for them and not for the cash. “I wasn’t thinking about the money — maybe because they paid me in advance,” he joked. More likely that he needed to cover the bail.