Forget About Video Technology In Soccer

I can see why many people (especially English) are interested in cameras in and around the goals in soccer (aka the real football). It would certainly help a lot of referees out, earn more money to one club/country or player and make soccer more fair.

But soccer isn't fair. Soccer isn't about correct decisions, if it were we'd see a lot more penalty kicks in every match. Soccer is about human decisions and human feelings. If you want fairness and video technology, go play FIFA Soccer 2010 or American Football instead.

Soccer is a drama based on human feelings and quick decisions. That is the charm of watching soccer. If a team get their goal falsely overruled it changes the game instantly. Giving it even more excitement, thrill and tensions. If the game has to be stopped because someone claims the ball was in the net, we'll have these tedious American circumstances where the game is stopped to check something on a screen. This ruins the players concentration, the flow of the game and the overall viewing experience.

I have a better idea. In profesional handball the ball has a small chip that activates a vibrator in the referee's wrist watch, when the ball has passed the goal line. It's similar to the technology in the assistant referee's flag in soccer. They activate a vibrator around the referee's arm when they push a button on the flag.

I think that solution is much better than an extra referee behind each goal or video technology mounted on goals.

I'm sure Mexico are a bit upset about Tevez's off-side goal too. This is just as bad as not seeing a goal. Would you want the referee to stop the game everytime that happens too?

(I'm a soccer referee and assistant referee myself, so I know a little about soccer)