iPhone 4 Problems Start Piling Up

Apple’s latest jesus phone, the iPhone 4 was released in the United States today, and already reported problems are starting to pile up.

The biggest reported bug with the iPhone 4 is said to be a reception issue when you hold the phone. Users say that when they touch the phone, the signal drops by anything up to 3 bars, and returns when they take their hands off it.

But what makes this somewhat bizarre is that the problem primarily occurs if you’re left handed. It would appear that the primary antenna in the iPhone 4 is on the left hand side of the phone; a left handed user would place the phone in the palm of their hand with the phone touching on the left side.

The iPhone 4’s new glass is also under fire, with users reporting that it’s too easy to break: I’m sure if you dropped an older model it would break as well, but the word is that the iPhone 4 is far easier to break.

The glass, which also appears for the first time on the back of the phone, is said to scratch far more easily that previous models, although without a test unit we can’t confirm that.

The new “retina display” is reported to be having some problems, with some reports suggesting that users are getting yellow dots and splotches stuck on the screen.

Last but not least, the iPhone 4’s “Facetime” video phone software is under fire from privacy activists because calls made using the app aren’t secure. Video calls made using Facetime could in theory be intercepted if being made over an unsecure WiFi network.

Any new phone Apple has ever released has come in for criticism for some reason or another, so we’re taking the claims so far with a grain of salt, however the number of them might suggest that Apple may, at the very least, have some quality control issues with the phone.