Dwight Howard Trade Rumor: Lakers Star Could Be Staying Put, But Switching Teams

Dwight Howard trade rumors say the Los Angeles Lakers center could end up staying put in L.A. — just not for the same team.

The Los Angeles Clippers, who share the Staples Center with their hometown rival Lakers, are reportedly interested in acquiring Howard. Sources say the Clippers are looking at a blockbuster trade that would send Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe to the Lakers in exchange for Howard in a sign-and-trade taking place after July 1, ESPN reported.

It’s not clear just how serious the Clippers are about the Dwight Howard trade, or how a possible blockbuster deal with the Boston Celtics would affect it. The Clippers are said to be in the process of acquiring Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and coach Doc Rivers from the Celtics, though the deal has reportedly stuck on whether Bledsoe would be part of it.

There is still doubt on whether the Dwight Howard trade to the Clippers would be viable. Though sources within the Clippers have confirmed there is interest, Yahoo Sports NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski said it is far-fetched to think the deal could ever take place.

If it could be completed, the deal would help both the Lakers and Clippers. Howard had an uneven season with the Lakers, hampered by injuries and squabbles behind the scenes with players and management. And as the Lakers failed to meet expectations and were swept out of the first round of the playoffs, much of the blame — fairly or not — was placed on Dwight Howard.

Leaving the Lakers would give Howard a chance at a fresh start, and give the Clippers one of the pieces they need to be a true contender. Howard would get a chance to team up with point guard Chris Paul, giving the Clippers a better chance of competing with the likes of San Antonio and Oklahoma City for the Western Conference.

But if the Dwight Howard trade rumors with the Clippers fizzle out, the center is still likely to be a hot item elsewhere. He’s reportedly gotten interest from the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, with both teams angling to dump payroll to make a run at Howard.