Haynesworth, Washington Redskins in a real mess

Albert Haynesworth has no desire to be the Nose Tackle in a 3-4 defense, and since Mike Shanahan came to town to run the Washington Redskins it seems that is what the team will use as their base defense. Now the two sides are locked in a fight over weather or not the team and player should continue their relationship. Complicating all of this is a 21 million dollar bonus that was paid to Haynesworth on April first.

It seems that the team told Albert that he may pursue a trade up until that point, the point being where he accepted the 21 million dollar bonus. It seemed then the team expected him to become a fully participating member of the team. that has not happened, and even though he has been absent for most of the off season workouts, he has promised to report to Training Camp. However it does not look like he will still be a Washington Redskin at that time.

Now it seems that the two sides are at a stand still. The team can not get equal value for the player on the trade market, and at this point there seems to be few teams who would want to take on this overpaid, irritable player. Haynesworth has continually destroyed his reputation over the last few seasons, and he may have to do something very drastic to get out of Washington. Of course the team at this point might as well cut him, cut their loses and move on with their building plan. Sure the 30 million Haynesworth has made in his 16 month Redskins career is a lot of money, but I am sure Owner Daniel Snyder can cover it.

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