Man Busted For Selling Heroin While Carrying His Baby

A Long Island man was arrested for allegedly selling heroin with his infant daughter cradled in his arms. This isn’t the story of sort that should be making the rounds on Father’s Day.

Authorities said 23-year-old Tyreek Langs was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and the criminal sale of a controlled substance.

According to ABC Local, the incident took place in Central Islip on Thursday afternoon. Police said the man was spotted selling heroin with his eight-month-old baby in his arms during surveillance by officers.

Suffolk County police Lieutenant James Rooney said Langs appeared to be going about his business as usual when they allegedly spied him selling heroin. Police believe this isn’t the first time he brought his baby along for a drug deal.

“The child was content, the child is being held by the father and he’s approaching the buyer to complete the narcotics transaction with the child in his arms,” Rooney explained.

After they spotted Langs selling drugs, officers said they moved in for the arrest. According to CBS Local, the man had a quantity of heroin in his possession at the time. He was expected to appear in court last Friday.


Thankfully, the eight-month-old baby wasn’t harmed during the alleged drug deal or the arrest. Police said the child is now in the custody of his grandmother. UPI reports child protective services were reportedly notified about the incident. Needless to say, there probably won’t be a lot of people wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

This isn’t the first time a father brought his baby along for a drug transaction. According to WKRN, 45-year-old Stephen Richey was arrested for allegedly selling cocaine near an elementary school with his baby in the backseat of the car. Police later found an assortment of firearms at the suspect’s house.

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