Tourist Sex Slave Held For Seven Weeks

A female tourist has come forward claiming that she was kept as a tourist sex slave for seven weeks in a Melbourne hotel room at Rydges Bell City Hotel Complex on Bell Street, according to the latest Australian police report.

In the exclusive report that was given to the Herald Sun, the 21-year-old woman only managed to escape her gruelling ordeal after she stabbed her abuser, 44-year-old Alfio Anthony Granata, on Christmas Day last year.

This report further reinforces just how common sex slavery is after an earlier UK police report of a similar rape incident from this year was released, which detailed how a teenage girl was raped 90 times in one weekend.

Sadly though, that isn’t the only rape story that has recently become public knowledge; in May this year, a shocking case was revealed that involved a couple that kept their own niece as a sex slave for over 20 years.

In a similar fashion, this case sees a duo at the heart of the accusations, with Garnata’s partner, 32-year old Jennifer Mary Peaston, also accused for this tourist sex slave encounter.

Granata, who is a father of three divorcee, has a total of 100 offences against his name, which includes rape, assault with a knife, abduction and theft; the relentless attack the victim suffered left her with severe bruises on her body and face, not to mention the need for her to be hospitalized after her escape.


Despite the long list of charges against him, Granata claims that the victim was a willing participant in the sexual acts that occurred in the seven week period; from the set up of HD video cameras, to the use of dog collars, which Granata refers to as “chains,” the whole thing was completely aboveboard, if his story is to be believed.

The whole event happened after the young tourist meet the pair at a birthday party in St Kilda, and then apparently proceeded to return back to the hotel room which the pair, which then led to the ‘trio’ opting for a $335-a-week room, paid for out of Granata’s $900 disability money and Peaston’s carer allowance.

Granata and Peaston still remain in custody as the tourist sex slave case continues on.

[Image via Herald Sun]