Robot Body-Double Developed By Japanese Scientist

A robot body-double developed by a renowned a Japanese scientist made its debut in the United States over the weekend.

Roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro is the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan. He has worked for years developing robots that mimic human behavior. Ishiguro revealed his own doppleganger on Saturday.

The android strongly resembles its creator, right down to the blinking eyes and subtle movements. The Hindu states Ishiguro introduced his robot body-double to the world at the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in New York City.

The roboticist’s android was controlled remotely by someone off-stage. Ishiguro told those in attendance he could easily send his lookalike to events and engagements in his place. If he wasn’t feeling up to delivering a speech, then the android could theoretically serve as his stand-in.

At the end of his presentation, the android version of Ishiguro joked that it would give a much better presentation than its human counterpart the next time around.

Hiroshi Ishiguro’s robot body-double isn’t the only so-called “Geminoid” the scientist has created. He also crafted a female android used to sell clothing at a store in Japan. The lifelike mannequin proved to be quite popular; the outfit she was wearing quickly sold out shortly after going on display.

Ishiguro is also responsible for creating the “Telenoid.” This robot is designed to appear nondescript and ageless so the users can project any image he or she wants on the android’s face. According to Live Science, the robot has tested very well with the elderly in Denmark.


The Japanese scientist is also taking his robots on the road. Ishiguro is known for his traveling “android theater,” where his creations act out scenes while showing how realistic their human expressions tend to be. The roboticist is also busy with “Elfoid,” a miniature version of the “Telenoid” that serves as a mobile phone.

What do you think about the Japanese scientist’s robot body-double? Is his creation a breakthrough or just downright creepy?

[Image via Ough]