Alex Cobb Hit by Line Drive, Taken Off Field On Stretcher

Tampa Bay right-hander Alex Cobb was hit with a line drive and rushed off the field on a stretcher during the Rays win over the Royals on Saturday.

While the Rays won the match 5-3, all eyes were on Cobb after the line drive by Kansas City’s Eric Hosmer hit him in the right ear.

Cobb was immediately taken for tests and was reported to have suffered only a mild concussion from the incident.

Alex Cobb was taken to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg. Doctors chose to keep Cobb under observation until Sunday morning.

Following hist tests, Cobb tweeted to fans:

“Can’t thank everyone enough for the prayers. Was the only way for me to make it out of there ok. Look forward to getting back out there.”

After Cobb was hit on the head, he fell to the ground and grabbed his right ear. As medical staff examined Cobb’s injury, he could be seen kicking his legs in pain.

David Price visited Cobb in the hospital and later tweeted:


“Cobber is way more tough than me!! Laughing at jokes and the name they gave him!! Please keep him and his family in your prayers.”

While the incident was scary, team officials say Alex Cobb’s hit never caused him to lose consciousness.

After witnessing that his line drive hit Cobb, Hosmer says he didn’t even want to run to first base.”I just wanted to see how he was doing,” Hosmer said. “You hate to see that, especially Alex having a great year. It’s just scary stuff, man. I’m glad he’s alright. I know he’s been talking and having conversations.”

Cobb was hit just one month after Blue Jays starter J.A. Happ was also struck by a liner against the Rays. Happ suffered a skull fracture.

Best wish go out to Alex Cobb as he recovers from his line drive hit.