Become A Ninja, Use This Shirt Folding Trick [Video]

When people think of shirt folding, they immediately think of how tedious it is, well, that is, unless you use this neat shirt folding trick; then you’ll be folding shirts like a ninja in under two seconds.

It might sound impossible, but we have the video and the walk-through instructions for you to actually achieve this, thanks to a YouTube vid posted by DaveHax; this particular YouTube poster is always uploading useful vids to get people conquering their DIY fears, or just learning to fold clothes like The Flash (DC comics, guys).

In the video, a simple arm-crossing technique is used. When he first demonstrates his mad skills — and, trust me, they really are mad — you’ll probably want to give up attempting to try this for yourselves. However, the video then slows the whole thing down, meaning you can follow it step-by-step until you have the tip perfected.

Due to this handy how-to guide, you can now have a shirt that is fresh, uncreased, and ready to wear. You might still hate how your clothes fit just like Chris Christie did, but at least they will look immaculate.

The wide response of comments are nearly as impressive as the shirt folding trick itself; there are users that are instantly wowed by the tip, and then there’s others that criticize and call out the two second time frame to be a lie.

Even more amusing is how much the users swear about the video. While the skill is clearly a cool “party trick” to have in your arsenal of abilities, never before have so many people cursed about someone folding a shirt:



Whether other people are impressed or not, just make sure that you hide these newly folded shirts somewhere safe; otherwise you could end up with your feline friends ‘hanging out’ with your shirts and ruining that just pressed look.

Overall, this is a pretty neat trick; however, considering the majority of us will either, a) mess it up or b) place the folded shirt in our drawers for it to become a creased mess, it would seem that this shirt folding trick is for professionals only.

[Image via Shutterstock]