Blake Fielder-Civil Discusses "Plans" for Amy Winehouse

The Sun, in one of their best articles of the week, discussed Blake Fielder-Civil and his plans to ravish Amy WInehouse (!) amongst interesting commentary submitted by readers: Do you think that Blake, upon release from jail yesterday, actually said "I'm gonna see my wife and take her knickers down"? Furthermore, is Blake the TMI extraordinaire or what? Everyone who reads that pukes a little. It's unavoidable.

After looking at some of Amy's recent pics (in awe), I'm feeling more than slightly disturbed. Will this "Sid & Nancy" couple make it another year? Will Blake stop giving us play-by-plays?

Furthermore, how will Amy's next album turn out with her muse back in her Camden nest and candy palace she calls home? Finally--something I don't get nauseous thinking about!