Man Auctions Handmade Guinea Pig Armor

Emma Flint

An eBay seller, who goes by the username mightys0x, has put up a handmade suit of armor for auction, though there's a twist -- it's guinea pig armor.

The body of the armor was made by mights0x, which not only shows the love he had for his guinea pig but also how skilled a craftsman he is; each scale is made from polished steel scales and rings, which took him over several weeks to weave together and ensure it fitted his guinea pig correctly.

When you look at the pictures of the scale armor, you can see the incredible time and care that has gone into making this a solid, fully working piece of armor (not that you'd want to test out whether it works).

Although the main bulk of the armor is handmade by the seller, the helmet isn't. According to he information section of mights0x eBay page, the helmet comes from a Renaissance Faire and is the perfect finishing touch for this ensemble.

This is perfect if, like a student who won a lawsuit to have her guinea pig with her at school, you need to take your beloved pet wherever you go.

The unusual item, which is still up for grabs, has had 32 bids and is currently selling for $305; clearly there are a lot of people that want their guinea pig to have the protection it deserves, or maybe they just want their pet to look bad-ass as it struts around the house.

Though maybe mights0x did this because of recent news that, by eating guinea pigs, you can reduce your carbon footprint; who in their right mind would want to try to eat a guinea pig wearing this?

The decision to auction off this weird but cool piece of kit came after Lucky, the eBay sellers own guinea pig, passed away; not wanting such an impressive outfit to go to waste, the guinea pig lover decided he would sell the guinea pig armor and put the money towards a good cause.

All proceeds are going to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, a non-profit shelter for guinea pigs in need of some much needed TLC and rehabilitation, which this particular eBay seller has experience of because he found Lucky at this guinea pig haven.

If anyone reading this is interested in this guinea pig armor, you still have plenty of time to place your bids and possibly walk away with this one-of-a-kind item.

Man Auctions Handmade Guinea Pig Armor

[Image via io9]