Sharks Attack! In Worlds Largest Shopping Centre Aquarium

The worlds largest shopping mall, which also boasts the worlds tallest residential building and a massive aquarium is having a little trouble with its inhabitants. Blood in the water, jaws style.

Forty tiger sharks have done what tiger sharks do and attacked other sharks, marine species and in a sign that the keepers may have lost control of the zoo the sharks are also injuring the divers. Divers must now use cages in order to clean the tank and feed the inhabitants.

Sources told the Khaleej Times Online that whilst there had only been 2 minor injuries to divers, their equipment had extensive damage.

The aquarium has been described by architectural publications as: “Located strategically in the centre of the mall, the 50m long aquarium will be flanked by two glass tunnels at varying levels offering windows into the incredible diversity of marine life. Travelling through these, visitors will be treated to an exceptional underwater experience as they see eye-to-eye with sharks, stingrays and other species of fish in their natural habitat.”

That exceptional experience may require a PG rating if shopping centre management, (the people you would normally associate with excellent aquarium management) don’t get the 40 tiger sharks under control.

It could also open up Survivor Aquarium style possibilities for the 33,000 species of marine life in the shopping centre’s aquarium. Our prediction? One shark, a starfish and a piece of coral in some kind of alliance: starfish for the win.